(Re)learning Photography

I may be an event photographer, but because of a chemical allergy and 99% of all universities requiring a darkroom in their courses, I’ve never been able to take a photography class. Not one. All of my learning was experimentation and reading blogs. And by chemical allergy, I mean “if it isn’t mostly air, my lungs will seize up and I drop to the ground like a lead balloon”.

So when my dear friend found out that not only didn’t I not know how to shoot in manual mode, that I didn’t know what a light meter was, I think he was a bit peeved. Well, I know he was/is. So after about three weeks of teasing, I finally took the film camera he offered and I will be shooting about three rolls like this.

Alex's Camera

Well, one roll.

He forgot to show me how to load film.

Also, I think the light, tiny lenses are adorable.

Alex's Camera


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