Dances of Vice: The Diamond Ace at Liberty Hall

I started off the night bringing a fellow friend photog, Sharon and her cousin Conway to this event. Sharon has seen some of my event photography before and had always wanted to come along for one event, and I thought Dances of Vice would be a fun start.

We met up with some friends I’ve made attending these events: Mrs. Holzman-Tweed, Mr. Coleman, MirMir, Mr. Proper and Mr. Sobek. And made our way inside.  Although the venue was very crowded, we did meet up with more people that I have met in the past and I met some more people – I gave away a fair share of my business cards.

I tried out the new lens taking different style shots with old friends since they’re the most patient.


Mr. Coleman is an excellent model. He’ll pose forever if he knows you’re taking pictures of him.



I wasn’t able to get the greatest shots since I didn’t have any practice with my new lens, but I like this picture I was able to get of these two. I had no real control over how this image came out when I was shooting because the crowd was so thick. All I could do was angle my camera’s swivel screen, hold the camera high in the air and snap about a dozen shots.



I switched locations for this image and tried to take a pan shot, freezing the dancers and blurring the background. I think I did pretty well for being so far away.


Dances of Vice: The Diamond Ace 4

I enjoyed the dancing, but the harsh red lights ruined the shot so I had to convert it to black and white. I also tightened the crop so that instead of seeing heads and random bits of instruments, you could see more of the intimacy between the two.


…more continued in next post.


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