Steampunk Meetup

I have to completely disregard about a week and a half of this year’s 365 due to my camera being out for repairs. I may catch up at one point, but I have a ton of events later this month and for the rest of the year, so those of you who are subscribed might actually thank the web-silence from me.

I grabbed these photos from a Steampunk meet up in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I believe this is the November meet up before they started going indoors for the winter.

Mrs. Holzman-Tweed

Mary is really a wonderful person. She and her husband arrange these picnics for local steampunks to meet and chat.  From the facebook event page “Come and spend a relaxed, casual afternoon in the company of local steampunks! Bring a blanket, food (enough to share would be great, but is not expected/required), and your favorite piece of steampunk or Victorian literature, poetry, art, musical instruments, or personal projects to read aloud/show off.”

Mr. Berg

One of the most popular guys here is Mr. Berg a bit before he pulls out his guitar for the group. I believe he is listening in on a story being told here.

A Lovely Maiden

Not exactly sure of this person’s name.  If anyone does know it, please send me a message somewhere? 🙂


And here is MirMir, another person who organizes steampunk meet ups.  I love the variety of colors she is able to wear.


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