Week 45 – 310/365

Ever have a friend that, no matter what she wore, stole the show? I know a lot of people like that, but one of my favorites is Miss. Wayward (“who leads men astray”, a bad joke I made up).  Miss. Wayward, for some reason, reminded me of Lois Lane during the vintage train event.  She, along with S. Proper and Mr. Berg (Clark Kent and Lexu Luthor…lol) were asked for a lot of photos from other travelers, and I exploited some poses and candid they had.


This is a picture I requested of her. She looked so relaxed at one point leaning against the train that I asked her to just glance over. I like how it came out.

310/365 Outtake

This picture is about the 90th time someone asked Mr. berg about why he was dressed up and what his job was. S. Proper and Miss. Wayward are watchign the camera crew before they get asked themselves.

310/365 Outtake

This is the only picture that is edited. The other pictures retained the warmth of the lights because I liked the slight vintage look it gave. This was a brief experiment.

310/365 Outtake

Mr. Berg and Miss. Wayward joking about some of the absurd vintage advertisements that were on the train.

310/365 Outtake

I tried to get a picture of the camaraderie of the group, but Miss. Wayward caught me and laughed. Or maybe it was ebcause the train bucked a little and I fell forward.

310/365 Outtake

I believe this was the last shot of them before Mr. Berg and I took off for home.


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