Week 45 – 308/365

It’s not too often I get private messages regarding pictures, but when I do, it is usually over these two gentlemen – Mr. Berg (site) and Mr. S. Proper.  Two questions I get asked a lot is “How do you know them?” and “Are they single?”.

The question I will answer is how I know them 🙂

I met Mr. Proper first at a Gemini and Scorpio party in the beginning of the summer. It was the Lost Circus party in Brooklyn and my first time attempting to dress the Steampunk part. I met Mr. Berg a month or so later at the Prospect Park picnics, which Mr. Proper also attended. Normally when I post their pictures, I get reactions pretty immediately from people about them.  I’m hoping that people will enjoy (and not explode) from the fact that I have some pictures of the two together.


308/365 Outtake

I imagine Mr. Proper as a 1930’s Clark Kent with his glasses and bowtie. And now thinking of that, I want to dig out my old comics 🙂

308/365 Outtake

Mr. berg is looking *just* dastardly enough to possibly be a Lex Luthor or some other Superman villain.

308/365 Outtake

And Miss. Wayward on the right (who shall appear in the next post) is the sassy reporter by day, flapper girl by night Lois Lane!  This is actually a much funnier post if you have an old timey voice narrating this in your head for you.

308/365 Outtake

This last picture has become part of a joke on facebook. The kid just was not into having his picture taken and Mr. Berg later posted that he had lamb chops for dinner. I joked that he ate the child for dinner and it kind of snowballed from there.


2 thoughts on “Week 45 – 308/365

  1. Sean is Clark Kent and I’m Louis Lane??? Bwahahaha! Awesome. I even get to be a reporter… well, I DO have a degree in journalism. Stepping up in the world! Noam would make a great villain… though if we take it back a couple events, he’d be a BRILLIANT mad hatter. Albeit a slightly twisted one who eats wee children [shrugs, unfazed].

    Beautiful pictures, as always, love. ❤
    And… who are those men? Are they single? Can you hook me up? :p

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