Week 44 – 303/365

I think kids have a ton of great personality, and when they are with a sibling, their personalities are more prominent.  I loved talking and taking pictures with these two boys, who I will call “Junior Steamers” as their father has referred to them.


After we went to the museum and several people split off (the Wandering Legion went to Dorian’s Parlor, while others went home), we met up at a bar/restaurant. I had to leave early as one of the boys was showing off his belt tool-kit, and I missed an interesting conversation where the boys said that one was the designer and the other was the engineer.  I did discover, however, that one of the boys and I are calamari buddies, since we both like fried squid and had ordered it that night. But you don’t want to read about my diet, you want pictures!

303/365 Outtake

303/365 Outtake


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