Week 44 – 302/365

Meet the professor, Professor Fumolatro, purportedly an expert in fatherhood, a lover of BBQ as well as steampunk and a reader, as well as other things, seen here with two of his three boys, known in his own photostream as his “Junior Steamers”.  I mentioned before that I had never really seen anyone under the age of 20 interested in steampunk, so it was really cool to see a family that was interested in the genre.


302/365 Outtake

I loved how these three posed in pictures. They all seemed to genuinely have a good time and had fun meeting the group, although I am positive that I have seen the Professor in the past…

302/365 Outtake

I really like this shot with his arms around both boys. I hope I will get to see them next year at the Steampunk World’s Fair!


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