My Weekend or Why I ♥ New York

My weekend was great, how was yours?  It started Saturday when I headed out around 11:30, 12 when I headed to the LIRR to head to NYC. I am twitter pals with someone I am in a Foursquare Mayorship war with and I happened to notice that our trains would cross paths in roughly 30 minutes.  We twitted back and forth, joking about how I wanted to steal my mayorship back, and chatting with someone about some of my favorite iPad apps.  (By the way, if you have an iPad, get Flipboard. It turns your social networking sites and interests into a personalized magazine for you, and it’s free 🙂 ).

Anyways, white Tweeting, I saw a train go by and I though “Oh darn, I was so busy talking I forgot to wave” since Boogey and I agreed to make faces or wave as our trains passed.  I think I scared the woman when I laughed. The train had stopped and there was Boogey, literally sitting across from me.  We waved, made faces, then our trains took off again and I explained Foursquare, Scavengr and GoWalla, my favorite location-based apps and why I like them all (mostly because they help me find events to shoot and it helps me find restaurants and deals while I am traveling).

Later I managed to make my way up to the Houdini Exhibit at the Jewish Museum and saw a TON of old friends and met several new ones, including a father and two of his three sons who were very into steampunk.  We had a brief photo-shoot before the museum and one with the father and sons after the museum, then we went downtown for drinks and a bite to eat. I had to pop out early to go up for my friend’s surprise birthday party. I unfortunately missed the surprise, but we had a great night. I met some more people, watched the effects of why making a drinking game out of the Scott Pilgrim movie was a horrible idea, and discovered that the 2 year old cat had the mentality of an evil frat boy – as he steps only on the faces of those who were drunk.

Then Sunday morning (this morning) was the Vintage Subway Trains, music and dancing event. I wasn’t sure how big this would be, but since there was a vintage train and a live band, I decided to make the trip.  I got there a little late since I offered to help someone find Times Square, but the effort to get down to the old V line was worth it.  I think the number of people in the old timey clothing was roughly 100, not including the dancers or the band.  When I watched some people get pulled from the crowd to dance, all I could think is “this is the New York experience.”  What else is? A lot of people didn’t know about this event and I saw someone get off one train, watch one woman who was swing dancing, then was pulled into the fray for a few moments of dancing before the music ended. They laughed together and she gave him a hug, and he watched a few minutes before leaving the station. I met up with three people for this, who you will see in pictures, and watched as they got interviewed by many people, photographed, joined groups for photos and just generally had a great time.  Eventually we had to part, but this weekend will always live in my mind as the best.


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