Week 43 – 299/365

I looooooove video game. Big surprise, no? It is? Then it’s like you don’t know me at all!  For this post I only posted people who cosplayed form video games that I have played in the past.


The above character is Sora, from Kingdom Hearts.  This was Disney’s first attempt at merging themselves with the universe of Final Fantasy.

299/365 Outtake

I don’t remember much of Street Fighter II, but I do remember my stepbrother would let me play it with him when he babysat me. I used to love Chun Li (right).

299/365 Outtake

These two are from Team Rocket, the main villains from the 10+ year old Pokemon. Their main objective was to steal Pokemon, sell them at inflated prices or destroy the habitat for real estate.

299/365 Outtake

These two are both from Kingdom Hearts, although the kid on the right is from Kingdom Hearts II.  The one on the left is Riku, the best friends of the main character Sora. The kid on the Right is Roxas…and there is no non-nerdy or easy way to explain this, so I’ll just dive into it: Roxas is the physical manifestation of a girl’s memory of who Sora was made after he temporarily lost his literal humanity to the Heartless that are destroying worlds.



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