Week 43 – 298/365

I’m going to start this post by mentioning that I have no idea how long my camera’s green primary has been off. It was always a smidgen to the left, but looking at some pictures from the summer onward, I’m cranking the slider to the right more and more.

Anyways, reaching back in the vault for some pictures I somehow managed to forget.  These four are all from several of my favorite anime.  There is no way to write the next few posts without coming off as insanely nerdy, so I’m just going to roll with it.

This first picture below is from an anime called Bleach.  The First girl is a villain character Haribel, Lord Aizen (I think; yes, he’s evil) and Yourichi (she’s good 🙂 )

298/365 Outtake

These gals are actually from a game called Kingdom Hearts. I can’t remember any of their names except for Axel, the first person. They’re all evil throughout the game, except for Axel who has some sort of complicated background that I never really got into.
298/365 Outtake

If you were wondering if this guy was from Bleach, then you’d be right! This is Renji, a good character who adds a tattoo for every accomplishment he’s made.  I doubt in the show he wears Gears of War boxers, despite it being a good game.
298/365 Outtake

And last, but not least, Rukia Kuchki, another character from Bleach. She is the character that gave the main character his powers by sacrificing her own and quickly went from “strong independent female” to more of a on-again-off-again damsel in distress.


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