Week 42 – 289/365

This will be my last Anachronism post for a little bit. I am quite behind on posts and photos from other events. I decided to put up some pictures of some of my favorite people, and my favorite shots from the evening.  AND I think I got down my processing for steampunk photos 😀

Also, if you are going to reblog the photos, please ask me first. I will say yes, but I get annoyed when I see my pictures somewhere else without permission, even if I am credited and linked back.  Think about it, you would too!


So, who are some of my favorite people? Well, there’s Mr. Proper, the White Rabbit,  Nyx Ann Stones and the photo elusive Jim Dread.

289/365 Outtake

And Princess Ozma’s assistant, Mrs. S (please let me know if you would like an alias 🙂 )

289/365 Outtake

289/365 Outtake

Can I say that this is the best Chesire cat ever? I can? This is the best Chesire cat ever 🙂


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