Week 42 – 288/365

I am in the middle of trying to come up with the perfect Steampunk photo processing style. It’s kind of hard, since one method doesn’t work on every photo or every style of steampunk as you’ll see in today’s photos.

And besides focusing on a processing style, I focused on some people I have never met before.

288/365 Outtake

I tried this process first. It’s the closest to the original photo, but I made the shadows less deep and desaturated the colors.

288/365 Outtake

Unsatisfied, I removed more saturation, added a vignette and some noise to the photo.  I don’t know what I like-like better, but I do enjoy both.

288/365 Outtake

Neither process above worked on this photo, but I was working on all three at once, tweaking things differently in Camera RAW and Photoshop. I think this processing works fine.


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