Week 41 – 285/365

More Anachronism! I bet you’re wondering what “Anachronism” means, if it even is a word.  Well, I assure you, it is. It’s in the dictionary and defined as “something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred” such as Mona Lisa listening to an iPod in her famous painting.  Anyways, enough defining words and more developing pictures!


Here are A Count named Slick Brass, Ay-Leen and Lucretia scheming. Not plotting, scheming. Plotting looks different.

285/365 Outtake

Mr. Proper (the White Rabbit) is late for…something, but can’t seem to remember what.

285/365 Outtake

A plan has been made now that the White Rabbit has distracted the audience!


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