Week 40 – 273/365

Whew! We’re getting up there, aren’t we? Halloween has passed and we are not into November, with me about a month behind in posts. Don’t worry, this should all be made up this month as I ‘announce’ something new I am doing.

Pushing my mother’s buttons.

I haven’t lived at home since…what? 2008? and my mom polices everything I do on facebook as if my boss is waiting for an excuse to fire me. She refuses to believe my privacy settings will not let anyone find me on facebook (go ahead, try) and after I neglected to remove my Halloween picture 1am Monday morning, she promptly lost her mind and has called/texted me every day to take down my picture.

So the first thing I decide to do after three days of this is to not take down the picture, but to change my profile every day this month (with 3 additional days in December to catch up with missed days) in Halloween makeup.  Unfortunately for her, I pass two Halloween stores on my way to work, and again on my way home.  I’m about to make some new friends.

Oh, yeah, and I’ll be doing regular posts too.  🙂

Pushing Buttons: 1 of 31
Mom, why do you make me do this to you?

So I go to a lot of zombie walks, and not always intentionally. In two separate instances, I was just being a tourist in the city and saw people staring or heard weird noises and I found a large group of people in zombie regalia.


It’s true actually. I know, it sounds weird, but this is Manhattan. There are days where I’m surprised actual zombies aren’t queuing at a hot dog vendor.

273/365 Outtake

273/365 Outtake


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