Week 38 – 265/365

Get ready for a Steampunk overload as I put up several pictures from NYCC/NYAF as well as prepare for two more steampunk shoots this weekend!

Anyways, on that Saturday evening, there was a Steampunk photoshoot where everyone who had their picture taken by Lauren Panepinto (creative director at Orbit) had the chance to be on a book cover for a steampunk novel.  Sometime soon people will be able to vote on the covers they like the most, and I can’t wait to see what the potential covers look like.

Anyways, with some I tried my hardest to get candid shots, but being at a convention with hundreds of cameras and cosplayers, everyone had a pose ready


265/365 Outtake

265/365 Outtake
This pair was dressed up by the guy’s web comic. Unfortunately, I lost his business card among the many I got that weekend. I’m still trying to find it so I may link it.

265/365 Outtake

265/365 Outtake

Hey, Didn’t I see you MONTHS ago? Oh yes, I did! Welcome back to the blog “Lep” (Brenden)! Don’t shoot your eye out!

265/365 Outtake

265/365 Outtake


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