Week 38 – 261/365

I decided since this is a PHOTO blog, that yesterday’s video posts were no valid 365 entries. So here is a post of NYCC’s kids 🙂


260/365 Outtake

Typically the last day of a convention is the slowest day, since people have to make the long transit to their homes (which are sometimes states away). Also on these days, whatever vendors couldn’t sell in the previous days are marked down just so the people don’t have to drag large boxes of merchandise home with them, and to ensure a profit is made their their trip. I myself managed to grab some books, magnets and artwork for $20 that would have cost me around $50+ on the previous days.

260/365 Outtake

260/365 Outtake

ANYWAYS, to the point of the post! Since these days are normally dead, NYCC long ago appointed Sunday as Childrens Day so it would be easier for the tykes to run around in full costume and find/make friends without big people in costumes around. Unfortunately, only the first hour I was there (about 10:30 am) was dead. All of a sudden it seemed like the entire city was trying to fit into the Javitz center. Yes, there were kids dressed up and the public events (such as the dance contest) were kept under a PG rating for the kiddies, but there were several places I saw that were too crowded to hold the child events as planned, such as a hula hoop contest (people decided to rest in the middle of the area and refused to move).

260/365 Outtake

260/365 Outtake

But you know what is cute about kids? Their ability to bounce back. Some kids were really into their characters, such as Qui Gon Jinn (I think??) who showed off his moves as I snapped some pictures, or Dr. Who, who showed off her sonic
screwdriver. I saw one little boy chase after another kid around the same age saying to his mom “Look! It’s really Iron Man!” which I think was the most adorable thing I had seen all day.

260/365 Outtake

260/365 Outtake


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