Week 38 – 260/365

This will be the post full of videos with madness.  Why videos and madness?  Con-flu has hit me pretty hard and I’m having a hard time breathing, let alone thinking.  Just enjoy the spastic love-fest that is anime music combined with nerds.

So for a bit at the convention, I wasn’t exactly sure what Maid Service was. There was a sign directing to several places, plus to MS so I decided to go. Apparently its when the convention hires several Asian individuals to dress as maids and butlers and they host dance competitions, talent shows and other such public events where they can randomly pull people up to the small stage and make
them famous for a few minutes. I didn’t pay too much attention to Maid service for a while, but at one point my legs were screaming for rest, so I found a chair and slowly made myself to the very front of the audience to record their events.

The above song is Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up

This is one of the intro songs from the anime Bleach, with Hollow Ichigo appearing on stage. I don’t remember what season this is from, so I can’t provide a name D:

This is some…anime version of “Poker Face”. I thought this was actually some normal version of the song for about…10 seconds.
Cool fact: Everyone almost broke the stage here.

I feel old not knowing anime songs/dances anymore. This video actually got clipped somehow and the second half is still rendering….

English songs featured in the dance party are Don’t Sop Believing” a spin off of “Poker Face” and “Carmelldancen”, although Carmelldancen is in Swedish (there is an English version available, however).


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