NYCC 2010 Teasers

So this weekend was the fifth annual New York Comic Con in New York City, and I have to say I had a ton of fun. I had to get in late on the first day (Friday) and I left earlier than I intended on Sunday (too many people, too much walking). Right now I can feel the settling in of “con sickness/flu” (any form of sickness received from close contact with people during a convention) but for you, yes YOU I am getting some posts ready to not only make up for my absent days, but to make available to the people I met at conventions who want a copy of their photos.

If you’ve been following my blog for a long while, you’ll know that this is the second convention I’ve gone to with an SLR camera, with the first being I-Con back in March. This time I had a speed light flash (which seemed to only work half of the time…) and a bit more knowledge of my camera than last time. I say “a bit more” because I haven’t had a ton of practice with the camera settings and their use with additional light in an indoor setting. Silly me.

Anyways, here are three teaser mosaics to tease the next few posts. If you are reading this on a smart phone and can’t see the images well, each of the mosaics are “Men, Women, and Children”.  Sunday was designated as Childrens Day at NYCC, and there were some absolutely adorable children dressed up.

NYCC Teaser: Men

NYCC Teaser: Kids day

NYCC: Females


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