Week 36 – 248/365

So today I had another post in mind, but a friend of mine and I were texting each other all day and he commented on how I never connect with any of my subjects. Which is true. Even for events, unless I have met someone several times whether it be in the day or events, I never really connect with people on an emotional scale. I find connecting to be very hard, especially int trying times like I am feeling now, but after a barrage of texts, I decided to make the next dozen or so pictures more meaningful.

I thought having everything in black and white would be more meaningful as well. Color can be so distracting sometimes.


So the guy with the cigarette, how do I connect with him?  I am not male, nor do I smoke or have tattoos.  I’m not even tall!  I felt a connection to him because of the look he gave me.  “What are you looking at?” it says, or “I’m here, deal with it.”  He stood for two separate pictures for me, then turned away and crossed the street.

248/365 Outtake

So what connected me to this woman? Her camera.  yeah, it’s dorky, but my old point and shoot was my pride and joy.  I’d take a single picture, like she did, then sit down and look at the tiny 2 inch LCD and be so happy with the memory I captured.  She waved over a person or two to show off her picture, and handed her camera to someone who had randomly sat by her.  I loved her enthusiasm.  This blog is my handing the camera to a stranger. 🙂

248/365 Outtake

This picture is personal because there is no clear subject other than this girl.  I spent a lot of time in my own head, not always thinking of things, or trying to deal with the world around me.  She looked like she was off in her own head as well, so I got a (very) quick picture.

248/365 Outtake

This picture is like showing off how my mind works.  Multitasking, heading off in all directions, some things in perfect clarity and others, blurred or not there entirely.

248/365 Outtake

This last one is how I imagine everyone looks at a couple.  They are in their own world of two, seeing only each other, while the busy world spins and brushes by them without ever fully seeing them.

FYI: The only ONLY post processing was converting to black and white and resizing down to fit the blog. ♥  Based on a discussion, I decided to not do too much processing for a while.


2 thoughts on “Week 36 – 248/365

  1. Babe,
    I agree that you need to connect. Time to put away the long lens and get a 24mm prime. That will make you part of the scene. Having said that, you sure have come along way. You are getting out there and getting it done. I very much enjoy your blog!. Keep up the good work.

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