Week 35 – 242/365

Today I’ll be posting a lot, so hold onto your bowler hats everyone!

This past weekend was very busy for me, what with the family coming down, my first Yankee game and a steampunk picnic.  Right now I’m focusing on Steampunk men because, well, they know how to dress.

First I will show the co-organizer of the event, Mr. Daniel B. Holzman-Tweed (site).  His wife was the one that organized everything, but she will be in another post.


242/365 Outtake

Above is a certain Mr. Berg (site), who came with a guitar (below) and played a sea shanty while everyone joined along.

242/365 Outtake

I don’t recall this man’s name, but I loved that even without insane accessories, he still looked great.

242/365 Outtake

Mr. J. Anthony and I met at the previous steampunk picnic on Governor’s Island, but I had  only bad pictures of him I believe never went online. It was great seeing him and Nyx again, and I will see them yet AGAIN the first weekend in October 🙂

242/365 Outtake

S. Proper is someone else I keep seeing at steampunk events.  The first time we met at the Lost Circus, he had the title “the Lion Tamer”, the second time he had no animal to tame, but on this picnic he brought along a little monkey 🙂

242/365 Outtake

Everyone gathers around for a sea shanty, nowhere near the sea.  Still very enjoyable.  Even the guy with the Mohawk joined in with his friends.  They were also delightful people.

242/365 Outtake

Another shot of Mr. S. Proper.  I love the pose and his glass, he is very photogenic 🙂


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