Hello Again

Hey there loyal readers! I’m back (at least for another few days before the next event)! How are you? Not doing anything subversive are we? Wait, why am I asking that like it’s a bad thing?

Anyways, while I was gone with my family, I managed to upload SOME pictures every night, but only to my Twitpic account. Unfortunately I couldn’t access the blog to update you all about it, but the postings should have appeared in the Twitter feed in my side bar.

So while I am transferring my images from the card to my computer, why don’t you mosey over to the Twitpic account and take a look around? It has cool pictures of people, animals and people AND animals 8D

Hey there, I'm just a polar bear being awesome! - Centra... on Twitpic

Hey, I'm pretty sure rats are horrible orthodontists....... on Twitpic


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