Week 33 – 230/365

At Dorian’s Parlor, the other live band was Platform One, consisting of V. Nigel Taylor, Daniel Gill, Allison Lahikainen (unfortunately not pictured) and Jesse Dunstan.  I loved the energy of all the members.  Unfortunately, I could not get the lens to focus right, so many of the images did not come out.  The following is what I find acceptable to post:


230/365 Outtake

230/365 Outtake

230/365 Outtake

See how he’s wearing a hat in the first picture and not in the others? At one point he threw his hat (perfectly I may add) off stage at a wall, directly over my head. I think that action was the most confused I was all night. For the new readers, I am not very social, and the first club I ever went to was last month when I went to The Lost Circus, so any on-stage actions done by the performers were new to me.


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