Week 33 – 224/365

I thought, “hey, you put up a how to, you can put up at least one other post!” so here I am. Because I loooooooove you ♥

First thing I gotta say is that I broke down and rented a lens from BorrowLenses and an extra battery for this weekend’s event.  I’ll be out of state and I don’t think I should be caught under-prepared.

So going back to last week, here are some shots of people I was only able to track down for one or two shots.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch up with every single person, so this is all I have of them.  These are taken in my ‘traditional’ candid photography method while Evelyn and a few others were trying to get roughly 30-40 others to get together for a group shot:


Ok, I accidentally lied.  I found several more images of Lady in White.  They will go up another day, but I enjoy this image of her.

224/365 Outtake

224/365 Outtake

Not so much of a candid, as he saw me and cocked his eyebrow, but I love the simple expression.

224/365 Outtake

I seriously wish I had seen all three of these guys for a different shoot, but I got distracted by other antics.


One thought on “Week 33 – 224/365

  1. *laugh* Lady in White indeed! Elle works just fine. 😉 Your photos are fantastic. (I just wish I could remember what I was doing/thinking about in that one.)

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