Week 32 – 221/365

So this post is a dedication to Jaberwhalky/Evelyn, who not only modeled a lot of people for mini photo-shoots (including my previous posts), but puts together a vast majority of steampunk events.  I’ve heard a lot of these events are very successful, and I experienced my first event with her at the Lost Circus and the Time Traveler’s Picnic.

Jaberwhalky has been in every thing from the NY Times to MTV and beyond.  She is a PR recruiter for Steampunk Tales, works for the Repo! The Genetic Opera film, an advertising representative for Weird Tales magazine, and many, many other accolades that you should go to her site for.

Unfortunately, I only have photos of her posing with Sam and being posed by G.D. Falksen:


221/365 Outtake

“Be innocent and scandalous! Whisper whisper whisper!”

221/365 Outtake

Scandalous women doing scandalous things! Pipes! Hats! No heels!

221/365 Outtake

I don’t remember who G.D. Falksen stole the fan from, but it was a beautiful prop.  Jaberwhalky seemed to enjoy Sam’s pipe.

221/365 Outtake

I really wish I remembered what Sam was doing that pose for. Haha.


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