Week 31 – 216/365


Just one more post then I’m taking a break to do non-photo things.

After the group shot of everyone in full Steampunk regalia, a few stayed behind to do fun shots.  Right here is Krystal Fernandez, a fashion student who is actually a friend of a friend of mine.  We found this out later on facebook, and she has some really nice Halloween photos and fashion photos.

These photos were 100% unscripted and 100% fun:


216/365 Outtake

216/365 Outtake

216/365 Outtake


3 thoughts on “Week 31 – 216/365

  1. I like this set. Very creative vibrant i just love the colors. The 3rd pictures is epic, with young lady blasting a pirate away — i love your style. very good

    • That was a fun, random picture. he basically asked “can you hold that pose much longer?”, she said yes, then he jumped onto the stairs and I snapped a few quick pictures before his arm gave out.

      Thank you for liking the style, I hope you enjoy the other images as well 🙂

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