Tonight, tonight

…I’ll blog some more tonight ♫

Ok, that is a total rip from West Side Story (Tonight, tonight, the world is full of light) why do I even know that?) but yes, tonight, tonight (!) I will be doing a mass update again.  Catching up with the posts while going through hundreds of images.  I think I’ll keep the screencast online and active the entire time. Let’s say….7pm est-9pm est?

Why those times?  Well, it takes an hour for me to get home, plus I have to pick up something at the store.  And after two hours I kind of get bored explaining what I’m doing.  I don’t think I could be a teacher.

Looking at my notes, I’m exactly one week behind.  I know exactly what 3 posts will be about.  The others will be by ear.  If anyone happens to join me in the screencast, I will take suggestions.

Saratoga Springs: Congress Park

Haha, my first ever panorama is ridiculous. Oh, photoshop elements, you silly program!

Also, this weekend is the Rick Sammon Zoo walk and next weekend I will be in Saratoga, New York.  We all know why I would go to the Rick Sammon walk, but why Saratoga?

Well, I am originally from Saratoga.  But it’s not just homesickness for a place I haven’t lived in for 19 years, rather, it is the home of my love for art and horses.  Saratoga is famous for it’s race tracks, spring water, college and performing arts center. I also met my long-time friend, Of Many Masks here in…2002(?) I believe during summer arts classes that were of the college level.  There I was introduced to horrible roommates, meal plans, why shampoo and computer monitors don’t mix (hint, the monitor explodes in flames) and Jhonen Vasquez.

Where was I going with this?  Ah, I don’t remember. I shall revel in the ramble, finish my lunch break and hit the post button, and I will see everyone later tonight.


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