Week 30 – 209/365

All of my life, the few friends I’ve kept near and dear to me are my male friends.  After middle school/junior high, the number of female friends dropped lower.  No, I wasn’t a tomboy or anything like that, I just couldn’t stand the way girls could turn on each other over ridiculous reasons.  These are pictures of some of my better friends, in no particular order:

209/365 Outtake

Kilty, my friend who owns the camera everyone loves.

209/365 Outtake

IrikVelt (site, deviantART, blog, facebook), my friend who tries to destroy my liver, one drink at a time.

209/365 Outtake

Masks (twitter, flickr, blog), my friend who I’ve kept in touch with and kept longer than any other friendship I’ve had.


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