Week 29 – 202/365

Hey there, how are you?  Have we met before?  Oh yes, i remember now, you’re one of my readers!  Silly me, it’s been so long since I’ve been around.  Forget you? me? Of course not!  You’ve just gotten a hair cut since I’ve last been here.  No? Lost weight?  Ah, well, anyways…here are some pictures!

My friend (through a friend  who was through a friend) surprised the photo walk by showing up with two cameras.  I believe one was a d200 (maybe?) and this thing of beauty.  He only had 6 shots of film which was expired, but I enjoyed taking pictures of the camera itself.


202/365 Outtake

Everyone else showed up later (IrikVelt, Of Many Masks and TheDSK) and the photowalk continues!


2 thoughts on “Week 29 – 202/365

  1. Oh wow… for best shot, I’m torn between the second photo here, or the bee in flight from another post. That’s so cool how you can see the buildings reflected in the lens…

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