Week 28 – 194/365

This post makes me think of the sentence “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo“, except it’s Photog photogo photog….etc.  it’s another post of me catching other photogs 🙂

I wonder if anyone in the city has ever taken a picture of me….?


194/365 Outtake

This blonde and the woman below really rubbed me the wrong way.  On a good day, I am 4’11”, and I constantly have tall people step in front of me so they can get a ‘better view’ despite them having the complete capability to see over my head.  I have this mysterious inability to see through someone’s body.

194/365 Outtake

The cutting in front of me seemed to be a pro-photog thing.  The people like the first and 4th image don’t bother me so much ebcause they actually listen when I say “hey, up in front” or “excuse me”.

194/365 Outtake

I was asked once by a guy for a picture in the Bronx Zoo who saw me blatantly taking candids of other people.


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