Week 28 – 191/365

These images were edited (some heavily) through another screen sharing session.  I want to try and do one of these sessions once a week, but since I have a free account only two people can view it at once.

So, here we go:


I did a ton of editing here to resaturate everything, bring out the shadows more and make her hair more interesting.

191/365 Outtake

More color saturation and removing an ugly, errant bra strap just to see if I could.

191/365 Outtake

More more more editing.  I bet you can’t guess what was removed can you.  Well, it was a taxi!  Whoo, that was fun to remove!  Had no idea I could remove it and make it look believable!

191/365 Outtake

Someone’s arm came through the image when I cropped it down, so I decided to amputate it. BWAHAHAHAHA! Actually very easy with clone tool, content aware fill and some other tricks I learned along the way.

Interested in watching next week’s screencast? Give me your email in the comments ♥ Before and afters should be up soon.


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