Week 27 – 189/365

So I was disappointed to find that B&H Photo Video was closed on Saturdays. I found a camera store (well, 3-4) in Times Square and bought myself a lens.  Yes, still a 70-300mm lens, but a bit more expensive glass.

Was it worth it? Oh yes dear readers, it was. I hated the price tag (well, $350, but I have to tell my boyfriend I splurged on a lens after buying too much stuff for the apartment….) but feeling the difference between  kit lens and actual glass was…is….amazing.


Can you tell the difference?  I bet you can 🙂  This was the very first picture I took with the lens.


Unfortunately, quality was hard to keep up while walking and pretending to not take pictures.  Oh well, I like all three of these, or else I wouldn’t put them all up 🙂



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