Switching it up?

I am so far behind on the blog, it’s almost like I’ve abandoned it! Well, I haven’t.  it’s just I leave for work so early and have been getting home so late, it’s hard to even think about maintaining it.

So while talking about this with a friend, I was thinking about changing the layout.

I will shoot as much as I can during the week, then actually update the blog between Friday nights-Sunday evenings.  This way I don’t feel pressured into working more when I get home and can focus on learning more photography, and I won’t feel guilty when I don’t update until the weekend.

I do miss being here every day, but it just can’t mentally be done.  I work an hour from home, sit infront of my dual monitors for 8 hours, take another drive home to sit in front of my computer?  No, not fair to me and I can feel the quality of my work slipping when I force myself to do something.

What I want to do is maintain the individual posts for the ‘day’, even though they won’t be uploaded on the appropriate day.  I also, around the editing and uploading, want to arrange more and more photo walks.  I’m currently looking at nature preserves and actually I am planning on going to another LGBT event in the city tomorrow.

Sorry, I am scatterbrained. I’ll catch up on some posts tonight at home ♥


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