Week 26 – 178/365

I know it’s not good to favor one group over the other, but I think one of my favorite organizations at the parade was Swish.  It was the first group of people I’ve heard of that…well….let them tell you:

Swish is a gay-straight alliance (for adults!) that provides opportunities for all women and men to contribute their time, energy, and talents to furthering the LGBT rights movement

Swish envisions a world in which love is equal

I believe heading this organization was Miss Gay Universe, or at least she came first.  I love how fantastic she looked on top of the car in that heat.  I was wearing a tank top and capris and I was sweating, she was just sitting on top of a hot car, uncovered for hours and looked great.


178/365 Outtake

178/365 Outtake

178/365 Outtake

178/365 Outtake

“Together, under a rainbow sky, we can enlighten and inspire one another.”


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