Week 26 – 177/365

Today is another longer post.  The theme is “shoot from the hip”, since I took these on the go, and literally shot from my hip.  I think when I took these photos, it was hour 11 and 12, and I was heading home from the parade.  My feet were killing me and I didn’t have the strength to lift my camera, but I absolutely adore how these shots came out.

In regards to processing, I only cropped down, darkened the shadows and bumped up the saturation.  The angles are the same as they are in the originals.


Not sure if these ladies were together, but they seemed to have fun chatting.

177/365 Outtake

Something about this image grabbed me once I cropped it down to this.  Once I got rid of the people on the side, this became a better image.

177/365 Outtake

I LOVE this girl!  She’d be the pain photo if it wasn’t for the cute couple I had taken earlier.

177/365 Outtake

Oops, looks like she saw me, but she just kept going.  Good sport, and I like her hat ♥

177/365 Outtake

Chronologically, the first ‘shoot from the hip’ that I took, but last because you have to end a post strong, right?  I love the streaks in the woman’s hair on the right.  I had problems in post with red’s shirt because it was so overwhelmingly bright :\  I still enjoy the image and the angle.


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