Week 25 – 171/365

I know I skipped the post yesterday, but that was because I had a hard time choosing what three images to put up for this post.  Then i realized “hey, this is MY blog, I’ll put up 9 if I want!” so I decided to make this post 3 times larger than normal.

So, why is this particular post so much longer?  Well, it features the Sexcamaids, a performance group that was at the Mermaid Parade.  As soon as I saw the group on the Boardwalk, I ran over.  The colors got me first, then Masks realized that this was a group he had mentioned that a friend was in.


He knew her. I need to ask for her name, she was a wonderful model.  I took so many shots of just this woman, she could easily dominate the blog. I chose my two favorites.

171/365 Outtake

There was another one of her I wish I could put up, but someone stuck their arm in front of my lens to get a shot of their own.  Just after she left, the following happened:

171/365 Outtake

171/365 Outtake

I wish I had seen what this was all about.

171/365 Outtake
171/365 Outtake

171/365 Outtake

171/365 Outtake

171/365 Outtake

Every time I see this, I think of Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange: “Naughty naughty naughty, you dirty old soonkah [sp?]!”


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