Week 25 – 169/365

There needs to be more boy in this blog.  So how about some tasty mer-men? Rawr ~ ♥


I caught these guys walking away, but they offered to stay for a few shots.  Very nice guys.

169/365 Outtake

While heading to the after party, I saw this weird blue structure, and a crowd around it.  I went up and saw this guy flipping and spinning around.  I love the bright colors against the bright blue sky.

169/365 Outtake

This guy was on stilts, looking up at the girl who was also on stilts who had climbed up on the boardwalk.


2 thoughts on “Week 25 – 169/365

    • Thanks Staci! I actually missed….about 98% of the parade. My friend and I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find a spot in Coney Island. I have a post or two to put up tonight. I hope you like them ♥

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