Week 24 – 168/365

About an hour after the parade ended, there was the After-Party where there were burlesque dancers, exotic women, the Razorbacks and other attractions.  Unfortunately, I developed a complication from my surgery days ago (don’t worry, it’s being taken care of) and had the leave before these three wonderful ladies performed.  I hope there are pictures/videos of them online.


I didn’t notice that her tongue was forked until I pulled the image up on the computer.  They were only up long enough to be introduced, have their performance schedule announced and then they walked off.

168/365 Outtake

168/365 Outtake

I love tattoos.  Piercings and tattoos, if done properly, are a work of art.  These girls went with more of the artsy look than the novelty look.  I know this third girl seems like a novelty, but her face decorations are very nice in comparison to some.


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