Week 24 – 166/365

The Mermaid Parade was absolutely great!  Masks and I were way late, and we never caught up with DI, but we got to see the party-goers socialize, play on the beach and go to the after-parties. Many people had great, extravagant mermaid outfits decked out with pain, shells and other materials.


This woman was on the go and didn’t stop for a picture, but I love how her movement made her shirt fly out like this.

166/365 Outtake

Unfortunately, I could not catch up with her (my stomach was hurting), but I enjoy the candidness of the image.  Surprisingly, not many women wore crowns, and I love the addition of the pearls to hers.

166/365 Outtake

Surprisingly, these people were not the most made-up or over decorated.  I love how everything they made worked out for them.  Masks loved the small fish, while I love the usage of the fish nets.


3 thoughts on “Week 24 – 166/365

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