Week 24 – 163/365

A great part of the arts fair was the artists/vendors present. It was a really, really hot day and some had their own interesting ways of beating the heat.

163/365 Outtake

This guy seemed a bit sensitive about the fact I aimed my camera at him.  Did he think it was because of the pink umbrella?  Well, I kind of did aim at him because of that.  Mostly because it has some great colors. Secondly, not everyone was smart enough to have something to shade themselves so much that day.

163/365 Outtake

This guy was wheeling his wares from one area to another, but I liked the aqua (teal?) shirt and sombrero.

163/365 Outtake

Either this was a really good book, or she really didn’t care for the people looking at her art.


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