Week 23 – 155/365

At the park there was…I’d say no less than four separate soccer games going on.  All were pretty intense and there was a wide range of expertise in each game.  Each space doesn’t have a reserve, it’s all first come first serve.


Photographing soccer is so hard!  Harder than baseball!  At least in baseball I can guess where the action is going to take place, in soccer I did my best to follow the ball change the zoom and focus.

155/365 Outtake

Thank goodness for sports mode.  I didn’t have to worry about ISO and shutter speed while I was worrying about everything else.

155/365 Outtake

If you’re worrying about the grass color, it was different in each spot.  The more ‘traditional green’ was where actual games were held.  The brighter game is where kids usually play and not so many games were held.

155/365 Outtake


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