Week 22 – 153/365

Looking through these images, the first phrase that came to mind was “son of a pitch!”  Why?  I decided to focus on the two star pitchers in my brother’s baseball game Tuesday.  His team, the Cardinals, won the game but both teams were fantastic and on point.  It was such an improvement over last year’s playing.

Wow, I really missed being on my desktop!  I used content-aware fill to remove troublesome parents, fill in areas where there was trash, and just clean up better in general.  Oh, having a mouse helps as well 🙂


Some kids don’t have the consistency at age 12 to throw the ball straight for more than one batter, or they are too young.  When this kid doesn’t have his time on the mound, there is usually a pitching mechanism to do the job.

153/365 Outtake

I wasn’t familiar with the opponents, but there only seemed to be one girl on the team.  She played with the best of them and was obviously their pitcher.  She has great form, I hope she continues with the sport.

153/365 Outtake

Here is #13 again.  Obviously a very lucky number in this instance.  Every ball pitched that I shot (and honestly, I don’t think I shot that many in comparison to some other poses) seemed to be perfect.  Again, I hope this kid continues with the sport.


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