Week 22 – 152/365

Unlike normal, I didn’t really have a common thread that tied these three images together enough for a post.  I just found them all visually appealing and put them together.  Sometimes I’ll assume that they are all tourists, or say they were grouped because they were all looking in one direction, or were all wearing sunglasses.  Today I have no excuse other than that I find these photos attractive in their own way, and you will just have to settle for that 🙂


I love how I’m so like tourists.  We always go to the city with a camera in hand, take pictures of everyone and everything and we are very unapologetic about it.  Well, I imagine I’d be apologetic if I was ever confronted, hehe ❤

152/365 Outtake

I remember the foot traffic was insanely heavy this day.  I had to step into the street, between parked cars to even pull my camera to my face for a shot.  I caught these two cutting through cars to even get to the sidewalk.

152/365 Outtake

During one of my ‘lost’ moments (not like the show. I wanted to go one place, took a wrong turn then decided to go somewhere else and got lost again so I decided to go to the original destination and was still lost) the human traffic died down a little, letting me know I was lost from where I wanted to go.  I caught this woman in the dress and grabbed a few shots.  I’m glad one came out, right below my camera was a little boy trying to jump and grab the lens.  He ended up smacking his head on it and his mom just shook her head and ignored the both of us.


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