Week 22 – 150/365

So I’m working on catching up once I realized I was nearly a week and a half behind.  I’m working on backing up my cards for tomorrow’s trip home as well so I have some newer images instead of my aging backlog of images.

I’m going back to my favorite subject for a few posts: street photography.  I think the diversity of subjects, their tastes, colors and expressions are fun to capture, as well as trying to not get noticed when I’m practically right in their faces.

Well, specifically for this post I took pictures of some kids in Bryant Park.  They were just so adorable playing in the fountain to beat the heat.


For a bit I thought that there were some sort of fish in the water, but I think the kids were counting the coins in the bottom of the water.  Whatever was there completely grabbed their attention.

150/365 Outtake


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