I think, at least for the moment, that this blog is officially dead until this weekend at least. I was only okay’d for walking this Friday, but for only 20 minute spans at a time and still no solid foods for another week.

I really wanted to keep the blog going through all of this, because really, how hard is it to upload pictures and copy-paste the code into WordPress? Actually, it feels impossible when even breathing hurts. As for this post, I actually have my little brother (yes, the ball player) typing it.

Anyways, I hope to be back really soon. My job starts next Monday so I HAVE to push through this. See you on the other side and happy shooting!


Also, thank you WordPress for randomly uploading a picture I drew for one of my brother’s projects. This is pleasantly bizarre. Oh well. I draw too, you guys probably didn’t know that, huh?


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