Week 22 – 149/365

I don’t think I’ve ever had more trouble picking photos for a 365!  I got my first *real* look at the images I took last week and my stomach did a little drop.  While I thought I got a ton of great images, I in fact got a ton of great POSES.  I was more nervous about my surgery than I thought and there was a ton of camera shake in a ton of the images.  Other than technical difficulties that were mixed with nervousness, there were photo-bombers!

149/365 Outtake

In the city, I rarely deal with actual photo-bombers.  I just take my shot, move on and if I didn’t get it, well I’ve taken at least 200 other images.  When I took these, I had parents watch me line up a shot, get into an area where it’s impossible to Photoshop them out and just make faces.  At the moment I’m more disappointed than amused at the photo-bombing.  Maybe when I have a mouse to work with, I can deal with it better and may even put some funny ones up.


I feel like I’m being moody this post and I don’t mean to be!  I thoroughly enjoyed this day!  I shot two baseball games and there was a soccer game going on as well.  I’m not sure which was more fun because everyone was so into their games.

149/365 Outtake

I know I owe another post, and it will be up today.  Then another two tomorrow, and even though Friday is busy, I’ll try and put another two up then as well and I’ll be caught up ❤


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