For Those Around NYC

Still not up for looking at my pictures, but I got this e-mail today and thought it would be very useful for some readers in the NYC area to learn some Photoshop and Photoshop Elements hands-on and free:

(More information at linked site)

NEW! Free Seminar: CS5 Shock & Awe: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

when: Monday, June 14, 3–5pm or 6–8pm
where: Noble Desktop, 594 Broadway, Suite 1202.
Open to the public—but you must register!
cost: This one is “on the house.”
sign up:

CS5 is out and has some amazing new features. We want to shock and awe you with the latest and greatest in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Be ready to be awed. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:


  • Span headings across columns.
  • Multiple page sizes in a single file.
  • Transform, distribute and evenly space frames more easily than ever.
  • Custom Corner Effects.


  • Remove elements like magic with content aware fill.
  • Complex selection are made easy with the enhanced Refine Edge.
  • Distort photos in new ways with Puppet Warp.
  • New realistic painting tools.
  • Create 3D extrusions with Repousse.


  • Vary the width of individual strokes.
  • Build shapes more intuitively with the Shape Builder tool.
  • New drawing modes.
  • Draw in perspective.
  • Crisp web graphics and text.

To sign up for this “on the house” seminar, held in-person at our office, click here:

If anyone is interested in going to a seminar or receiving the newsletters, go to the linked site and subscribe there.

I know I promised to add pictures today, I’m sorry guys but I can’t do it.  Tomorrow, I re-promise!


2 thoughts on “For Those Around NYC

    • I was hoping that you would see this post soon! I remember you said you have Photoshop Elements and they will have a seminar using the program as well.

      The people who run the seminars are really nice. I hope if you try a few, that you have a good time!

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