Week 21 – 145/365

Have you ever looked at your cache of photos and go “Ah-ha! That’s one I’m going to share!”?  Believe it or not, I don’t often have those photos.  Sometimes I need to go back and back again, even a fourth or fifth time before I decide that a picture is share-worthy.

Today I was poking around my images folder from the other day and I quickly found three images that I loved.  Other than cropping down to fit the dimensions of the blog (500px wide), I did no editing on these pictures.  But it’s not that face that no processing/retouching had to be done which makes me love the images, it is all in the expressions.  Take a look:


Whatever got her in that mood, I don’t want to be around.  Her hair is fantastic though.  I have always wanted to be able to put my hair in curls like that.

145/365 Outtake

Nice lip action there lady.  Almost makes me forget that you’re wearing two shirts on a hot day.  Come O it was almost 90 and you’re rocking that outfit?

Ok, I’ll stop being stupid.

145/365 Outtake

I think I have five images of this same expression.  She is fantastic.  I love how she’s playing with her hair, looking at…whatever the guy is photographing and ignoring the fact I and a few other photogs were snapping away at her.

Unless she was blind (which she obviously isn’t), there was no way she didn’t notice at least three people blatantly taking her picture, lol.


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