Week 21 – 143/365

Hey everyone!  It occurred to me on the train ride home that since I am the one taking pictures of this blog, the only time you have ever seen me is when someone comments on a post and they see my little avatar when I respond (or my flickr avatar).  I decided that since that is the case, then I would ‘borrow’ my mom’s memory card and show off some pictures of myself that someone else took at graduation.

Please note, the day started out with my hair pin straight.  The humidity made it comically poofy…


I promise!  My hair WAS straight!  I think this is the best picture of me taken in years…I look good in a hat.

143/365 Outtake

This is my little brother (who just turned 12 and is 4’8 to my 4’11), my mom (who is not a natural blonde) and my stepfather.  Yes, she is wearing heels, but she and my dad are both pretty tall.  I look exactly like my dad but he couldn’t come to graduation.  I do love my family though.

143/365 Outtake

Yes, this is my boyfriend!  He isn’t some giant and I’m not some gnome 🙂  I don’t wear heels ever (I am so unlike my mom in that manner, but I do have her temper 🙂 ), so when we walk around in public people think he’s walking around with his baby sister at times.  yes, he is the one with the Lego collection.

143/365 Outtake

My brother is a clown.  He was a little riled up from waiting around in a 2+ hour graduation and easily took my hat from my head.  I won’t be a big sister for much longer.

143/365 Outtake

143/365 Outtake

I love the conversation about this picture:

Louis: You were choking me!

Me: No I’m not, I’m hugging you.

RJ: That doesn’t look like a hug.

Jacklyn: You’re choking him!

Louis: See?

Me: That’s just how I show affection 🙂

Mom: Don’t choke your brother.

I have to laugh at some pictures my mom took.  She only brought her 300mm lens and tried to take a lot of close up pictures and these had to be taken some distance away.  Oh well, it was a very fun day 🙂

143/365 Outtake

And finally, Jacklyn, me and RJ


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