Week 20 – 138/365

Another day of ladies in the city. All wearing designer sunglasses as well ♥


I’m pretty sure this woman saw me.  Because after she looked at me aiming the camera at her, she kept doing little poses, and when she crossed, she didn’t even look at me.  I guess she wanted to be anonymously famous?

138/365 Outtake

What a fashion DISASTER!  That baby totally doesn’t go with that bag!

138/365 Outtake

I love these sunglasses.  I wonder what she was looking at?

Since I got no response on Twitter, yea or nay on whether or not I should add some Twitter links at the bottom of each post.  I’ll try this for a little bit.  They, of course, will only be related to photography such as contests I have come across, tips, etc.

Twitter Links




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