Week 19 – 128/365

Every day at the Bronx Zoo, there are Animal Enrichment sessions.  These are defined as periods of time where animals would be trained/stimulated or “enriched” so that they do not grow bored and depressed.

128/365 Outtake

This tiger is a female that is 13 years old and had her brother in the adjacent enclosure.  During the enrichment session, the tiger was fed a meatball and chicken for doing several ‘tricks’, which included coming over to the wall to be fed, standing on her back legs, growling/roaring to show off teeth and laying down to be poked so she could get used to the feeling for blood tests.

128/365 Outtake

128/365 Outtake

She was a beautiful girl.  It was too hot and mugger for her to move much, but for the most part she responded to the trainer’s hand signals and verbal commands.

Edit: For those who want to see, here is the before and after of the first image.

Before and After: Lima


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